Watford 10k

I did my first race today – the watford 10k "Bluebell run" – having got
home and taken a little liquid replenishment (much needed) let me tell
you im a changed man.

hot today – first really warm day of the year – 21 degrees and sultry
with only a little wind. Physically I was up for it and ready, having
trained pretty consistently for three or so months but psychologically
I wanted to drop to a walk after only 2k. This was my first "wall"
(perhaps more like a "ridge") but I realised i was overtaking folks on
the first hill and was kinda enjoying that so plugged on. Through the
unfeasibly beautiful 3-4k bluebell fields of whippendell woods and onto
the gruelling 5-6k of Rousebarn lane I became a little more entranced
with the event and although was logging only a 1-hour plus time I
started to feel steady. The 9th k was all uphill with the last 1/2 k to
the finishing line kinder and from somewhere I found a longer gait,
picked up a few places and a few seconds and crossed at 1 hour 4 mins –
about 5-10 mins quicker than i expected.

This running lark is
soooo addictive – i enjoyed the day out, met some buddies – my two
bug-fellows mick "the butcher" dombey and richard "family law" phillips
did 45 and 48 mins apiece but they’ve been doing this for years and
years. IM happy with my time and prepped for the sub-60 mins at the
bupa 10k on the 26th. Bring it on.


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