Bupa 10k

Rain, the wet stuff, lots of it descended in
sheets on most of the country last night and all of this
morning as 12,500 people fought wind and rain to
stand, walk, wheel themselves to London for the BUPA 2008 10k which for
the first time took in a chunk of the real marathon course.

We chuggers in the green lane waited for the
hotshots to leave and we trudged off down birdcage walk and across the
mat at almost ten past ten off to the city and back past throngs of
well wishers, drum bands, flags and screeching kids.

Most of the race was a blur of puddle avoidance but with a goal of sub 60 mins there was an edge in it for me.  This,
my second 10k took place only 24 short hours after my 50th birthday
party and despite a period of total abstinence and severe hydration in
between I was low on training and high on ambition.

Running in the cool was actually quite enjoyable
and K5 and k6 slipped by as did many of my fellow runners I was pleased
to note along with a Donald Duck and two trees (how do people run in
these outfits???).

So to the time! I hit halfway at a little over 30
mins so I had to stretch my legs a bit on the way home and k9 where the
Sportcam photographers lay in wait I was not pretty site but up
Whitehall I snipped a bunch of puffers and a host of stragglers from in
front o me and entered admiralty arch with what looked like a real
chance of the sub 60 mins – that last 400meters was a big effort but by
my reckoning I came home unofficially in around 58 mins – fantastic!
job done and a thousand quid in the bank for Mencap thanks to the
heroes who sponsored me.

Still time to stick a few quid in if you haven’t already
done so

at http://www.justgiving.com/johngriffith


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