The Running Bug

Most of you know by now that I’ve been working on a web project with Joe Mountain and Ian Knighton (both formerly of E-inbusiness) called  I thought I’d drop a word or two about this into my blog!  The ‘bug is essentially a "community and content" site for runners of any level.  Its a social network that brings together runners, retailers, charities, gyms, clinics and any brands or businesses interested in reaching out to the running community.  Maybe it’s me but it seems there are more people out there running than ever before and running shops are popping up everywhere.  I’m interested in hearing from anyone with running stories or mates or connections from corporate, government, media or whatever backgrounds – there’s a running angle to be had.  The Bug gets about 1,500 visitors a day now and has a registered membership of more than 1,300 runners growing at about 20-30 new members every day.  Soon there’ll be a host of new features coming up including a new race directory with online event entry (there’s more than 1,400 races up there already) and results, run mapping tools, training programmes and logs and loads of other stuff for members centred on member networking and communication.  Do go and visit the site if you haven’t already and sign up as a member (it’s free, cheapskate!) and do also tell your chums about it as it’s word of mouth and networking that will get the site heard about. 


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