Wycombe Half Marathon

Anyone who’s
ever driven from High Wycombe to Marlow will
know "that" hill.  You probably didn’t think
much of it as you put your foot down in the car.  You might however have noticed the fuel gauge (if
you’ve got one) take an expensive trip to the red line though – it’s a gas
guzzling mile of 1 in 10 drawing down the best part of a gallon in a Mercedes or
a Beemer.  Running up it’s not much
different except it’s Gatorade not unleaded that you need. 

That’s how
the Wycombe (probably the toughest half marathon in Bucks) starts.  If you have any puff left as you crest the Chilterns
on Daws Hill at mile 2 you can enjoy the view south over the Thames Valley – it
takes your mind of the next 11…

Fair dos, that’s
about the only hill and from Daws it’s a pretty chug mostly downhill through
villages and housing estates and on to the Marlow road to Wooburn Green.  Mick’n’Phil (www.micknphil-marathonlads.co.uk)
passed me at mile 10, under the A40 flyover and down to the park and finishing

As my first
half marathon (ably spurred on by Rich Philips who hung back to keep an eye on
me) and with not really a proper training prgramme in place I have to confess
to being a bit creaky the day after but what a buzz to cross the line and a special
pleasure to beat the four Vets who ran in front of me most of the way (thanks
guys that was all the inspiration I needed!)



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