5 nights in ibiza

Most holiday islands would promote themselves on the basis of their beeches, their restaurants or their waterparks – not so Ibiza, The White Island, Medina Eivissa promotes nothing but clubbing and clubs.  Hosted by the legendary Dr and Mrs Dog (All dogs report…) we casually cast aside braincells like driftwood.  Aided by the 500w/channel, 6-speaker sound system and the Dogs’ mini decks coupled to an applemac rigid with dance choons, music was never far away.  Unlike the sun, which as if noting our timetable (mostly nightime) took a break and allowed the rain to soak the red earth.  A short tour of the island revealed the delights of Atzaro – enjoyed by Kate Moss, the rock niche of Playo Carbo and the best Calamares I’ve ever had.  One night in Pacha was also one to remember.  The sound resonates deep in your chest and the beers are a tenner but the experience is well worth the effort.
The return journey was anightmare, ably aborted by Easyjet and Flightcentre resulting in a 15 hour delay, a 2am taxi from Stansted to Gatwick to collect the car and about 3 hours sleep in three days.  As the Dogs said themselves – rather an over enthusiastic walkies perhaps.

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