Amalfi is steep…

The Amalfi coast is an eye-popper; the mountainous and dramatic landscape is laced with roads that connect terryfying bend after terryfying bend. Don’t hire a car, use the bus although how they get round the corners defies belief and involves a great deal of horn abuse.  Speaking of abuse, Capri takes the biscuit – what with a lousy exchange rate for the euro you’re fleeced 200 quid for a t shirt but you can see Mariah Carey’s favourite Hotel (The Quisisana) – "where are my fluffy kittens" echoes in the tiny streets and for somneone who "doesn’t do stairs" I wonder how she got up there unless she was abseiled in from a chopper.  Bruce Willis’s probably as he likes it there too I heard…More digestible is Positano, pretty and wedged between two slabs of mile-high limestone.  It’s upmarket enough to feel exclusive without being trashy.  Local attractions include an "Emerald Grotto" which was actually quite a sight albeit ruined by a boatman who thought he was Zucchero and tried to sing…
Stayed in Hotel Santa Caterina and loved that; ran to Aamalfi where not much of nothing goes on and climbed the 750 steps into Pogerola through woods and up to the summit of one of the mountains – well at least the 1000ft ascent worked off the lobster linguini and local "Furore". 


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