Random Update

"Oh My God" doesn’t abbreviate well to OMG.  It drains the significance from it but let me say OMG, it’s almost September.  It’s raining and there’s a shedload to do before the year’s out. Since my last entry in May we tripped to Amalfi for a weekend and did a week in Corfu with Mandy and Paul.  I’ve been busy too: mowed a zebra of lawns, ironed a platoon of shirts and emptied a battalion of dishwashers.  We even did a Boot Sale and raised enough pocket money to sustain the teens for a month.  As we sit waiting for the recession to uncurve and head confidently upwards we have raided our savings and invested in Pulse (without doubt the deal of the century) and nurtured http://www.therunningbug.co.uk through to critical mass if not yet critical revenue…
Yet there’s a sense of impending Autumn as the schedules close in – Dancing on Ice, X Factor – they’re setting their stalls for the Fall and they will be our friends as we rediscover our boots and coats and stow the barby for another nine months.

But I’m not seasonally or affectively disordered; I’m positive, fit and
planning my assault on the Virgin London Marathon in April.  I’m running for The National Epilepsy Society and will get a good time if all goes to plan.  More anon.


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