Autumn update

Woo.  Just back from a weekend in New York – whirlwind of xmas shopping, travel and some prime time with the Mrs.  Have to say it’s a wonder of the world, Manhatten; how do you fit all those buildings on a floating island? Feels like a showboat.  Also have to say staying in SoHo was an eye-opener; its cool, slower paced, perfectly serviced for designer shopping and obscure restaurants, no Macdonalds and no worries, mate.  You don’t own it though.  As a tourist you borrow it for a few days then give it back.  You can’t learn New York as a tourist either, you just collect parts of it until you have what you consider to be an idea of the whole from your particular collection of parts.
Im now working full time on having given up the day job to do just that.  Its a busy existance as the home life impinges but the work is intense too as we rebuild the website and plan for galactic stardom.  I have a great team and a great and promising mission with a short term goal of running the Marathon next April.  My training plan says I need to get out more.  Thats twice ive been told that…


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