This week; you couldn’t have made it up….

  • On Monday Leo (Labrador; known variously as Fatboy, Leelee the worm, Stoinks etc. etc.) had to go to the vet.  The boy had a lumpectomy of a mast cell tumour and castration.  Horrid words. None other to choose.  Bad start to the week for me outbid perhaps by the start of the week for the boy.
  • Rosie, his long standing friend and Cuz (aunty mandy’s pug-eyed King Charles Spaniel) took a bad turn too and, covered in warts and unable to control much bodily function beyond her waist, was put quietly to sleep.
  • Danny, sweet innocent Danny, wheelchair whizzkid, eternal smiler and all-round nice kid died on Thursday; with a curved spine you can’t clear your lungs and so an infection proved too much for his short life.
  • Addy, youngest student in the family had mock gcse exams so was tied to a work schedule that proved a challenge.  Ending on Thursday, this pain was mitigated.
  • Charlie, middle child, oldest student is leaving for a 6-month grand tour in 14 days so stress levels rise to meet the leaving date.
  • As if one working parent isn’t enough, John has moved into a new office so is attempting to escape the clutches
  • Caro’s busy at work but were talking stressful busy with a loyal team but who need a lot of maintenance.  24/7 attention and a temp phone that wont go away
  • Cleaning was do-able on a 2-day a week basis but with me away for 5 now we need more help.  Current cleaner can only do certain hours so another second body is needed for support on the housekeeping rota.  Two part-timers, more hassle
  • Peter (father in law) is off the booze (love of his life) and under obs for something altogether more sinister.
  • Caro’s bessy mate undergoing messy and high-finance divorce has a health scare too and needs an exploration to check for stuff.
  • Relationships are always stressful but does the stress cause the relationship to wobble or does the relationship wobbling cause the stress? I’ve lost track.
  • Oldest child and she-who-is-lost-in-the-woods joined a college to get a secretarial qualification.  Three days in and £1,800 later she quits (or threatens to) which means after 9 months of doing nothing she faces more nothing and no future.  So  do we.




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