Marathon Training update

Hello again

I’m now only 30 days off Marathon day and I thought you might be interested in a short mid-way update.  I’m still pretty light on donations so do feel free to give a few quid via

I hope you got my earlier mailshot and the link to my “Reality Training Blog” at in which you will have heard about the early stages of the training programme.  It’s all got pretty serious now and the big training miles in these weeks will really count. 

Two weeks ago I did the Nottingham to Derby “Kilomathon” – 16 miles – in 2h 24m averaging 6.8 mph.  At this speed i’ll do the London in well under my target 4h 30m.   I also did the Hemel 17 mile training run (all hills) in 2h 48m and will do the 20 miler this weekend in god knows what.  But that’s just maths.  It’ll be different on the day.

Last week I ran further than any week yet – 56 kilometers (35 miles) and topped the 20 mile marker for the first time on a single non-stop run in 3h 36m.  In fact I set off for an 18 miler but ran back past the house to do two more miles just to see how it felt.  20 miles is a long way and it seemed pretty wierd taking out a map and enough food (carb gels and bars) for the trip.

We (Emma and me) are in the Watford Observer this week which is all good for the cause.

I now have a race number 43475and you can follow my progress on the day if you text “RUN” to 83040 and enter my race number or visit to download the Adidas “waptracker” app.  I now also have a “pacer” joining me in the form of fellow Running Bug Joe “Ultra” Mountain – fresh from the Saharan Marathon des Sables, Joe is going to coax me round in as good a time as poss.  He’ll probably be walking. 

Do please drop by my giving site and donate a few pounds; NSE do some fantastic work and rely entirely on charitable donations for their continued existence so don’t hold back!

Thanks a million to those of you that have already sponsored me and those of you that are about to.


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