Juneathon 2nd, 2011

Run every day, blog every day.  Day two.  Blown it already as didn’t blog yesterday and haven’t run (yet) today. It’s all about the ambition it seems to me, offset with the acceptance of abject failure.  So although i did a good three miler with mick the butcher yesterday (quite brisk in fact at 28mins followed by a simmer in his sauna! yes i know, how many butchers do you know with saunas ferchrissakes!) tonight I will run no more than three again because otherwise it will get silly and I might find myself getting fit enough to run across Devon (the subject of another blog to be).  I’d’ve gone out at lunchtime except was crafting a new freebie website about my new digital video filming activities (see http://socialvideo.webs.com/)

But juneathon has made me firm freinds with @jogblog (she of the colrabi) and @helsieboo (henly half marathon vet and already a chum) who exchanged inane limericks to perk up the afternoon.  Youll find them at www.jog-blog.co.uk or to save time ive pasted one of them below.  Don’t judge!

There once was a runner in Kent
Whose time should have been better spent
With drinking less beer
And wearing more gear
So out into the fields she went

She ran though the fields climbing stiles
In an effort to put in the miles
When she got to the fifth
Her counting went adrift
As her brain went a bit immobile

She got to the foresty bit
Bears sat around having a shit
They didn’t really
But she is nearly
Running out of words that will fit

She got to the end of her jog
And sat down and started to blog
But then Helen said
Write a limerick instead
But do not forget you must log


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