I’m almost Ridley Scott

Little in the way of running and quite alot in the way of trying to become Ridley Scott this month.  The Juneathon has slipped into an embarrassing no-no; it’s the 19th of June and ive run 6 times totalling 40k.  Some people do that in a week.  Besides that I’ve been eating – (oh yes!) and im a few pounds up if i’m honest.

But I’ve had some fun with the new camera; shooting Sir Ranulph and Dave Bedford and a partially sighted runner called Noel Thather.  We loved the moment when his PR said “look at the camera” so he said “and where exactly is the camera? Im blind I cant see it.”  pure comedy – and the best part was Noel loved the moment!

Editing has been a breeze with Premier Pro and im almost a guru on that software now.  It’s so easy to learn with lots of online tutorials from www.adobe.tv and so Ridley Scott watch your camera bag baby im on your case.

Check some footage at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2zdB8uPP9c


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