Devon Coast-to-Coast 50 miler

Despite pitifully low levels of training mileage I have agreed to join John Followell and Adam Turnbull on a 50-mile run across Devon in September.  It’s the kind of challenge I relish not unlike doing the marathon last year but different enough to be an absorbing and do-able competition with myself.

The plan is to run over two days from north to south coast of Devon starting at Watchet and ending somewhere near Beer.  Yes, how ironic but this place does in fact exist and yes almost certainly we will need one when we do cross the line.

The route could be shorter and could go through Milverton, home of one Barrie Taylor and family who has agreed in principle to act as our road crew.  But going that way made it less than 50m and we decided to adopt the more easily navigable devon trail pathways all signposted and make sure we do the full 50m.  That means we’ll more likely travel south-east to start and go through Taunton leaving the lure of a pit-stop and the Martlet Inn to our west.

So plans are not yet that far advanced as to show you a link to a route but I’ll update in due course.  For now the main consideration is how do you get three cars to a start point, then enough stores to a midway point and a lift back from the end point.  Plus what to wear, what to buy, how far to run in each stint, how and how much to train etc etc etc.

So this week im less Ridley Scott more Chris Bonnington…


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