Bring on the Thunder (Run)

It’s now only three weeks until The Adidas 24Hr Thunder Run ( so training-wise I had better get my skates on. In fact skates might be a better bet than running shoes given the very few miles i’ve covered in the last few weeks.

The Thunder Run is a 24 hr non-stop relay race where teams of anything from one (solo) to eight will run round a 10k course non stop for 24 hrs. Being one of the teams of eight means i’ll run three 10k loops between noon saturday and noon sunday.

Last year was a blast and we had one team of eight. This year we’ve got three teams of eight and a couple and a single meeting up for what promises to be a great weekend in Catton Park Derbyshire.

No sponsors this year (last year we had gear form adidas and lots of free goodlies like socks and jelly beans) but the scale of the meet and a quorum of 27 chums should make it one to remember.

You can see the route at

But back to the training – my efforts to build up mileage have been, in a word,  cr4p.  I did two 10k’s last weekend and a 12 miler this weekend with nothing in between so although i’m no professional trainer that cant be a recommended profile.  I’m not after speed but I do need endurance and I was pretty pooped after the 12 miler (the last mile has a 300 ft ascent which was more of a shuffle than a jog let alone a run!).  The scenery tho at this time of year is a joy and pooped or not it’s a pleasure to chug round the Chilterns with nothing but a stop at the Green Dragon Flaunden to top up on water.

The plan is to do some more mid-week outings with some intervals or something so mix it up and then more, longer, regular slow weekend outings leading up to the Thunder and then on to the Devon coast to coast in September.


3 thoughts on “Bring on the Thunder (Run)

  1. So how was it? We put a team of six in this year as we were first-timers. Managed 24 laps but had a great time all in. Will definitely aim to be there in 2012! We didn’t do any training for it mind, need to think about that a bit. And perhaps a strategy that involves sleep! 🙂

    1. Hi BW and thx for the comment; we put up three teams of 8 and two solos – my team did only 22 laps which was poor but we had mitigating circumstances (ie excuses!). It was my second Thunder and im editing a short video of the event which ill post when its done – really enjoy this event – its special.

  2. Great! I’ve got some video footage but pleading insufficient processing power as an excuse to buy a new computer capable of editing all the bits! At the moment am putting 5-10 second snippets on Youtube!

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