Amy: hanging on or hanging off

Tonight I sat down with a bottle of good red and watched my daughter’s Amy Winehouse DVD “I told you I was Trouble”.  I can’t describe the emotion.  In her and in me. I did indeed shed a tear.  Mitch was in the audience and so was that Blake – in the shadows as ever and the undeserved recipient of a mouthed “I love you” from Amy as she squared up to the mic to sing “Love is a losing game”.  So much irony in one room.

It’s a blinding performance.  Great music; real jazz and blues sung like she had lived it all which she probably had in so few years.  But while the band flipped pages between songs she told a story of a tooth she lost (“a fang” she said) and coudn’t work out if it was hanging on or hanging off  and it struck me what a perfect analogy for her life.

The drugs and the alcohol took her to a place where she was at the mercy of gravity; leaning over a cliff that afforded the most spectacular view but holding onto the flimsiest of roots.  A nudge one way would have stabilised her and a nudge the other would have sent her tumbling and sadly gravity won and she fell.

Find that DVD and watch it and you’ll know what I mean. It’s really, really good. And for someone that I never saw live and payed little heed to while she lived, Amy Winehouse ranks pretty darn high in my opinion.  I’m sorry she had to die to gain my attention and I hate to think what else I’m missing as a result.


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