What to watch on the 50″ TV you nicked last week

Casting around for something good on the box last night that wasn’t soap or reality I came across Channel 4’s Concrete Circus.  Heading out of a programme about architecture I thought we were onto a building thing but once past the titles I knew this was something special.

I’ve seen the youtube vids of unfeasible tricks performed on a bicycle and I’ve watched a few classy Parkour stunts too.  But Concrete Circus wrapped up four stories of four of the most outstanding “urban athletes” as each performer produced a short movie of their skills.

The programme not only showed the amazing skill these guys had and their lightning fast reactions but it showed what a joy a short movie can be when subject, location, edit and music all harmonise to create something so precious it almost hurts.

I loved it for the youthful fearlessness and I loved it for the fresh and varying approaches to the film-making.  And for all it’s innocence it both resonated and contrasted with the backdrop of burning police cars and the riots we’ve all seen in the last few weeks.

Perhaps a few hoodies saw these guys on the plasmas they nicked from Dixons last week and maybe one or two made a pledge to themselves to do something that artistic and that cool one day.  We can only hope.

Watch all four movies at http://www.channel4.com/programmes/concrete-circus/articles/the-films


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