Devon Coast-to-Coast run.

The time has come to set out the plans for our Devon Coast-to-Coast run.  The fact that with only two weeks to go we just found somewhere to stay is a reflection of how little preparation we’ve put into this but hey, it’s an adventure.

So on the 2nd September John Followell, Adam Turnbull and my good self will set off for the west country with a car load of kit, gels, socks, nipple guards and other assorted gadgetry to run the 51 miles from Watchet in the north coast of Devon to Seaton on the south coast.  The midway point and the unsuspecting recipients of our sweaty selves will be The Winchester Arms Near Pitminster, just south of Taunton.

The Winchester Arms

The route takes us from the pretty fishing village of Watchet, south-east along the backbone of the Quantock hills which will offer a pretty good view of the surrounding countryside after a steady climb of around 1,200 feet.  After 12 miles we drop down to Kingston St. Mary and then on to Pitminster to complete day 1.

The route from Watchet to Pitminster

Day 2 will see us take on the fearsome Blagdon Hill in the first 5 miles then heading almost directly south following the River Axe to Axminster and then on to Seaton.

The route from Pitminster to Seaton

The logistics are pretty straightforward: drive two cars to Seaton friday night, drop one, drive to Pitminster for Friday night, lift courtesy of Media Director gone native west-countryman Barrie Taylor up to Watchet Saturday morning, run to Pitminster, stay saturday night, run to Seaton, drive back to Pitminster then home.

Total mileage will be 51 miles.  We’re not doing it to break any records but we would like to raise a few quid so if you want to contribute to The Epilepsy Society you can at:


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