Keeping hydrated in the Quantocks

Today’s the day I drive down to Devon/Somerset for the start of our 51 mile coast to coast run.  I’m officially terrified.  All week I’ve been feeling twinges in calves, knees, back as if the bad monkey on my left shoulder is saying “dont go – you’re mad! It’ll really hurt – you won’t make it and you’ll have to tell everybody  you failed!”

Sitting on the other shoulder is the good monkey who says.  “Man up.  This is not a race, it’s a weekend adventure and you can always walk it.  You’ve run 26 miles before and this time you’re doing it twice.  Big deal! you have a warm bed and a square meal and 12 hours to recover.  You’ll be fine.”

So while the two monkeys slug it out I try to think about what to pack and the list seems endless.  It starts with the essentials like shoes, kit, camelback and goes through to the precautionaries like painkillers, compass, emergency contact numbers via the optional like gels, flapjacks, electrolyte drinks, more gels and more socks than a centipede’s sock festival in sockton.

I’m fit enough, I think, although the training has been lighter than it should have been.  I did several 14 milers during last month and rested all this week which I’ve found is good for me in the past.  Weight is normal (155 lb), no alcohol since last weekend, carb-loading since yesterday so my 53 year old body is in as good a shape as it can be for the task ahead.

Im looking forward to the views from the Quantock hills; the weather forcast is about ideal; dry and breezy 21 degrees max saturday and 18 or so sunday.  ‘Ill take a camera with me (probably the bberry) and will tweet against #devonc2c if you’re interested and will also update you with our progress on Facebook too.

Bring it on.


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