The Fall of Troy

When I went to bed last night Troy Davis was alive.  When I woke up this morning he was dead.

Troy Davis

His life was terminated by lethal injection, delivered by a legal system that chose to ignore the doubt that hung over his conviction and the diminishing evidence that supported it.  Each breath I took in those waking dawn minutes I dedicate to those people who are on or have been on death row and the families and friends that have tried and who are still trying in vain to make a case for these victims’ innocence.

Taking another human being’s life is wrong and to do so on an official basis – execution – is not only wrong but macabre and contrary to good human morals and ultimately unsupportive of our future on this planet.  To wait 20 years and survive four reprieves is the worst torture a man could possibly endure.

There are not many things that strike fear in man but lengthy incarceration with slow progress towards wrongful judgement leading to public slaughter must be up there.

Shame on the American legal system and God bless our own.  As a legal friend put on facebook today: “…I’m proud to be part of a legal system which convicts on the basis of no reasonable doubt and does not think one murder deserves another.

Guilty or innocent RIP Troy Davis.”


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