The Moor Park 10k and Junior Fun Runs

A small miracle happened today.  I spent 5 hours filming this event on Sunday and another 5 hours editing it until midnight last night.  Today, I decided it was all good and erased the files on the memory card only to discover the edit was done “live” off the card and the film no longer found the files and therefore did not run.  I googled “SD card file recovery” and found software called “Card Recovery” and for a few quid not only restored all the files but found they magically re-assembled in the editor and so it is with great pleasure and not a little relief I present you this short video of the event.

Sunday couldn’t decide what weather to wear; a stunning autumnal sunrise greeted Moor Park and the grounds of Merchant Taylors school where the 9th Moor Park 10k took place.  But although clouds grouped for the main event, it did little to dampen the spirits of the thousand or so runners and supporters who gathered there to share the fun.

Moor Park Mansion – “The Club House”

As seasoned Race Director John Hambleton put it – as 10ks go, it’s a course many race directors would die for with enough elevation to add some interest and a cruise through some of Hertfordshire’s finest real estate.  It’s also one of the only days of the year you can wear shorts and trainers at Moor Park Golf Club.

The elegant 17th Century Moor Park Mansion (The Club House) was requisitioned as the HQ for the Parachute Regiment during the 2nd World War where the doomed battle of Arnhem was planned.  You reach it from the long Chestnut-lined avenue and up the quite steep but manicured driveway which usually sorts out those who have trained from those who have not!

From the top at about 4k its mostly downhill past neatly trimmed lawns and houses that most can only dream of.

The organisers hold races for juniors before the main race (at 3pm) including under 15’s 12’s and 10’s and below (on either Mum or Dad’s back) making a 1.3k loop round the playing fields of Merchant Taylors’ school.

The main charity is The Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre at Mount Vernon Hospital who have benefitted to the tune of £280k over the years mainly through generous sponsorship from local lawfirm Stuarts Law.

Meticulously organised, chip-timed, scenic and yet challenging it’s one of the most enjoyable events in my local running calendar.


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