Polaroid Sunglasses “Review”

You might think that sunglasses were for summer and I guess that’s when the sales peak but low autumn sun is arguably a bigger challenge for road runners (and drivers!) so a good pair of shades is a kit must-have.

And the choice is bewildering; style, weight, price, brand, fit, colour, polarising etc.  You could be forgiven for getting shades overload.  So when people decide to do a video product review for shades they usually make three fundamental mistakes.

1) They start by putting them on and modelling them which in most cases is likely to be enough to put you off since how many video geeks to you know look like Brad Pitt or Lady Gaga?

2) They drone on about hinge quality or sticky rubber pads (which they all have) until you’re ready to poke your eyes out with hot needles for relief.

3) They talk about “fit” which of course is going to be different for every head.

Buying shades is not something you can do online unless they’re replacing a pair you already like.  You gotta try ’em on.  And the “brand” issue plays a huge role in how you feel about the price.  So it strikes me a product review is better off just showing the product and trying to get across a little of the brand value (excitement, luxury, high fashion etc etc).

I shot these Polaroid glasses in my kitchen and added a bit of Foo Fighters for excitement.  The edit took around an hour and the result is, in my eyes, alot more fun than watching me pretend to be George Clooney.  Then I went for a run in them.  Were they any good?  Hell yeah.  Nuff said. http://www.polaroidsunglasses.co.uk/


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