Flat is the new up

I caught this phrase from a software company exec the other day and I have to say, I loved it.  I loved it not just for its blind optimism, the eternal trust embodied in so many software companies right now as we all watch Italy join the countries circling ever closer to the plughole down which Ireland, Portugal and Greece are already dissapearing gurgles.

I loved it too for its relevance to running as well.  I mulled it over as I trudged round the wet fields today on a lunchtime 3-mile plod through sprouting spring barley.

It told me even though you’re not gaining ground all the time it’s OK.  You’re not alone with your head banging against the wall – and it’ll be great when you stop.  It struck me that “up is the new flat” would also resonate with runners – even though you’re struggling up that darn hill and your heart is racing and the sweat has broken on your brow its just a hill and if you think it’s flat you’ll run it like its flat.

Clearly if you’ve never run before this might seem a bit obscure but so are many other thoughts you have when you’re out running and perhaps that’s partly why we do it.  Just to let off a few rambling thoughts.  Like this one.

Normal service will be resumed at the next blog!


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