Good fencers make good neighbours

A few weeks back I was invited down to Balance Physio again to film UK number 2 fencer and Olympic hopeful Claire Bennett using some of the instruments of torture they have down there.  Andy “IronMac” McKenzie also showed up to take Claire through a session on the CrossCore 180 Rotational Bodyweight Training Device.  You can see the result below.

Seems there’s no end to the ways in which trainers and physios will go to find ways to tweek muscles in places where you thought you had none.  The Cross core is (basically) a rope on a pulley attached to the roof.  Leaning into it and trying to stay rigid is an alarmingly difficult task in itself which really shows up the imbalance between left and right sides of the body.

Andy is what he calls a “Movement Specialist” and I have to say (actually he said it, not me) he made it look easy.  At 26, Ms Bennett is probably at the peak of her fitness and she mastered the device very quickly showing what it takes to be one of the country’s best fencers.  Yet I swear, leaning into the Crosscore for a full rotation she did pop a sweat; it’s a whole lot harder than it looks.  When I tried it I felt like I’d drunk a bottle of Absolut and ended up on the floor.  Andy on the other hand came over all balletic when asked to do a demo on the thing which was a sight for sore eyes.

Balance Physiotherapy are a London-based team of recovery and physio advice specialists used by a great many top sporting names with gyms in Clapham, Fulham and the City.  They’ll hurt you but they know their stuff.


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