Groucho, Gaucho, Oucho

If you work in the west end you’re not going to be inclined to go up to London on a weekend but the lure of one of the finest Argentinian beefsteaks on the planet might prove to be a decider.

Say hello to your steak before you eat it

After rattling up on the Met line under a stunning full moon and a warm-up at Groucho’s with one of their finest G&Ts it’s a short walk down to Gaucho in Swallow Street, nested between Piccadilly and Regent Street.

Walking into the front reception of a Gaucho Restaurant is like being swallowed whole by a cow.  The dominant colour is black and the only highlights come from the white of the cowhides that cover walls and chairs. It’s an upmarket chain and the brand has alligned itself with the Polo set not just because Argentinians like Polo but because it enhances the whole classy feel. The website boasts a training academy and a members club and lists no less than 16 Gaucho Restaurants; 14 in the UK, one in Dubai and one in Beirut.  Go figure.

The meat is introduced to you before you order – steaks the size of housebricks – straight cut, spiral cut, marinated and plain.  All are grilled in a traditional style.  The taste is like nothing on earth.  It is truly a meat-eaters delight.  I ordered a 300 gram Ribeye and a bottle of Malbec (what else?).  The dimension of the flavour is staggering – little salty, little grilly, little garlicky wrapped in  total melt-in-the-mouth gorgeousness.

Don’t expect to leave for less than £60 a head and prepare for an Oucho hangover the morning after from overdoing it on the aged Malbec but steal the money from your grandmother if you have to; this experience is worth every single penny.


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