Can Video save the Social Media star?

Back in 1995 I joined a little company called Nettec who claimed to be one of the pioneers of ecommerce.  We built transactional websites for Misco and Woolworths and felt pretty pleased with ourselves too.  We chose a platform called Intershop after a three way creds pitch from only alternatives iCat (the rep never showed) and Microsoft Merchant Server (the rep couldn’t get the software to work).

Since then, so much has happened to business over the internet that I’d need a week to write this blog by which time you’d have understandably lost the will to live.

But one thing has caught my imagination recently and it’s the uptake of video content as a means to present web information.  A short, relevant, high-definition, digital video is more likely to be seen and will convey a whole load more stuff than wading through even the most carefully architectured pages of words and pictures.

Google, in a deft and prescient move bought Youtube in late 2006 and now they are insisting that unless you have some youtube video content on your home page you’ll not maximise your search engine prominence.  Scary.

Anyway, I worked in branding when Maggie Thatcher popularised it with her redesign of the Conservatve party logo, built ecommerce sites when the dotcom boom took off and if that doesn’t makes me a bandwagonner then producing videos now that video content is in demand certainly does.

But video is fun and a flexible enough medium to find expression in simple, low-budget “reality” films or highly polished mega-budget films in 3d.  I’ve now been filming my low-budget variety for about six months and have enjoyed every single project.  Here is my little collection of clips from filming running events runners and other stuff – I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.


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