Ashmei “Ultimate” softshell Running Jacket

I have to say I find doing product reviews challenging.  Some products are genuinely of fabulous quality gaining high scores on fit, feel and looks but how do you get that across in a blog?  Once you’ve got the product in your hands you have a good look at it, try it on, admire it and even use it but then you think – how am I going to make this interesting for other folks? It’s just a jacket.

But this wasn’t just a Jacket – this was poetry.

The Ashmei experience starts with the packaging.  A seductive white mesh bag yields the new jacket like a newly-fledged swan.  It rises; the breast a snowdrift of white, with blood red highlights and its back  a frost of grey merino.

Once on, it’s so light you barely know you’re wearing it.  The design was conceived by a runner; seams that flex in the right places, pockets for your ipod on shoulder and back, clips to keep wires safe from snagging, thumb holes at sleeve-ends to loop over in extreme cold, waterproof zips and two easy access underarm vents.

Merino wool is special; it’s light and warm yet breathable – the runner’s nirvana.  And being a natural fibre it wont smell when it’s soaked in sweat either.

The Ashmei running gear is a winner and the brand is achingly desirable.  It’s Bugatti running.  It’s Louis Vuitton running.  It’s Ashmei Running.  It’s mine.


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