Fat dog chases beatle

It’s not often I’d blog about an advert but this is special – it’s the sequel to the much famed and frequently youtubed “Vader Kid” ad for VW and what a cracker it is.  You have to admire the cweatives who come up with this stuff and make it as must-watch as an episode of Downton Abbey.  It follows in the now legendary footsteps of the Gold Blend story and before it the Cinzano tipping Leonard Rossiter.

I have to say I loved it too because I have a fat dog and he could use some of those exercise routines too. My Leo has a food-dar that knows exactly when the cat food bowl is unguarded, can hoover up bread put out for the birds and can lick the pattern off a dinner plate.

Labradors are designed for eating.  They are not at all fussy and would rather eat something that *might* be food on spec only to find out later it’s a tea-towel that just smelled like food or was in the same room as something that once smelled of food…

But hey – everyone loves a dog.


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