How to look good falling over.

Snow, ice, slush, travel disruption, January bills, global economic meltdown; we all have enough to worry about so how does a runner perk up at this time of year when you’re behind on your marathon training and you still have some Christmas pounds to shed?

Go shopping of course.  The sales are still on in some places and judging by the forecasts you will still get some mileage out of some hot new winter running gear for another month at least.  Just do it; you know it makes sense.

If you do buy some new running kit, spare a thought for the effort that goes into making this stuff.  The manufacturers expend a great deal of effort tweaking the look, the material and the construction to make our outings a little more pleasurable.  I have a penchant for Brooks gear, not just because I have enjoyed using it but because they have taken the trouble to tell me all about the special “DNA” compound in the soles of their shoes, the aluminium membrane lining in their super-light, high-viz Silver Bullet jacket and the thermal and wicking properties of their many and various undergarments.

It is genuinely very good stuff and ideal for this weather.

So I struck out with my super-sized Labrador, Leo and a camera to take a few shots last weekend after the snow did finally arrive and here is the result.  Word of warning though, don’t use Brooks Ghost road shoes in the snow; choose their their Trailblades or something harder-core for grip.  Why? Well, let my tumble at the end of this clip entertain you and at least reinforce the qualities of the Brooks jacket which protected me from a soaking in the slush.

Fortunately, my adorable Leo was there to rescue me, albeit without a barrel of Cognac round his neck.

Enjoy, at my expense.


2 thoughts on “How to look good falling over.

    1. Actually, since you ask, the snow was a tad shallow to be doing unsupported swallow dives in and so some bruising was in fact incurred. The things we do for our art.

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