Juneathon day 2

Promised myself I’d do Juneathon this year (run/log/blog every day) so herewith update.  The first of many short blogettes on exercise this month.


Poor start as forgot to run on day one.  It couldn’t have got off to much worse of a start to be honest. I recall thinking about running at about 12am and Mrs G handing me a beer as I sat at the computer and well it went downhill from there.  Weak.

I retrospectively allotted my jog back from the garage after dropping off the car for a service as Day 1.  2 minutes jogging.  So today, day 2, bolstered by a 2-day rest period and after a 3-day training series 9mon-weds) I headed out for a long run.  I ate up 10 miles in about 1h 38m so feel somewhat compensated.  I love the woods and the canalside I run through and I got three Springsteen moments which fuelled me.  Deadman’s Ash Hill at mile 9 was a challenge but I dug deep and avoided the short cut home to complete the run.


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