Juneathon day threfourfivsxsvn

Look. Being a running God is not easy.  Saying no with a firm and steady raised hand to a glass of Pouilly when the Jubilee concert is about to start saying “No, must put my shorts on and get onto the treadmill, I’m behind on my Juneathon” confuses those that know me well and to be truthful, makes you look like a twunt.

So, in the interest of massive twunt-avoidance I did rather more drinking than running this weekend and in doing so rather trashed my efforts to run, log and blog everyday in June.  Sorry Jogblog.  Tut-Tut accepted.

However I did do some stuff.  I ran 10 miles on Jun 2nd, put my back out in doing so, so only walked 2 miles June 4th on treadmill in 30 mins and upped that to 3 miles in 30 mins on june 6th with a couple of 1-minute bursts at 14kph and a few tentative rolls on the swiss ball in the vain hope the lower back would recover in time for June 7th, 8th etc (you get the picture).

I feel back is recovered sufficiently for a proper outing tomorrow so a 5mile sortie is on the cards – a road run in squidgy Brooks Ghosts reducing impact and restoring some sort of Juneathon credibility.

Expect an update tomorrow night. Now, must finish that Pouilly.

Night all.


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