Juneathon day eighnintn

I knew when I started this challenge it was challenging to run/log/blog everyday not least because it reveals the bad runs.
What’s a bad run? I hear you say.
Well, apart from no-running days there are bad-running days days when the legs just don’t feel right. On Friday I did three miles on the treadmill and on sunday I counted my 45 minutes lawn-mowing as my Juneathon exercise – I wore the heart-rate monitor and was surprised at seeing the heart rate climb to 120-130 shoving the damn mower about and emptying grass – equivalent to a steady 2 miles at 6.5kph on the treadmill.
But I had planned a six on sat, headed out with water and sustenance, music, the right kit in good conditions but came back after only three feeling leaden and puffed.
Running needs three things I mused: Motivation, Ability and Condition (physical and environmental). I had all three when I set out but lost them somewhere between miles 1 and 2. The chinese meal and bottle of wine on friday night prob didnt help if Im honest so this week ill be healthier and prepare for another longish one either during the week or next weekend.


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