Juneathon day Elelve. My 25th Anniversary

Well at least I remembered it. 25 years married and still counting. We both had to work so it was pretty much another day the plan being to enjoy a weekend away next weekend which I’m looking forward to immensely. Anyway we dropped by Marlylebone reg office where we got married 25 years ago, got a randomer to take a pic of us both and headed off in different directions to work.
I have to say I count myself among the luckiest of people to have had a partner who has not only given me three great kids but one who still works hard, is generous to a fault, hugely popular, commercially astute (and successful) and who has found it acceptable to stick by me for 25 years and a somewhat erratic career.
Monday 11th 2.5 miles on tready
Tuesday 12th 1m (just) walking from Hyde Park Corner to Marble Arch
Juneathon total (running) 20m
Juneathon Ambition: Unrealistically high.
Juneathon Status: Lower than shark shit.


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