Juneathon day twenty ontthrfrfvsxsvn. Mohito time.

Good advice doesn’t always seem good unless there is some kind of positive reinforcement. “Wet paint” signs, for example, need to be contested; “touch the paint” they actually say, “see that i’m wet”. The advice on its own is not enough.
Anyway, a good friend of mine was talking to me the other day about how he handles his three feisty boys “let them win now and again” was his advice and so he did. The result was that three strong characters were not so much tamed as released. Freed from shackles, I watched his boys grow from child-like obedience through to challenging teens and on to become creative, supportive, actively contributing family members.
So it was with trepidation I said to son number one “yes, you make the best Mohitos; you need to make the Mohitos tonight. Yes of course you should use your own recipe; you go right ahead and challenge generations of Mohito recipes and make your Mohitos with Ginger Beer…”. Ginger beer???  Ffs.
Actually they weren’t that good. They weren’t even fair. They were bloody fantastic. He muddled limes and mint like a pro, took my advice to dissolve his cane sugar to make a proper syrup and topped up his highballs with Ginger Beer and ice to make what I can safely say was a Mohito classic. The last time I had one that good was in the 5-star Mamounia Hotel in Marakech and that round cost me a small mortgage.
Running wise it’s not been a big-miles week; last week I totalled 19 miles; this week I’ve done only three. I’ll probably top out at 9 but hey, Mohitos don’t drink themselves.


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