Ashmei 2-in-1 shorts review

I’ve written before about products from Ashmei – it’s a very elite runners’ clothing brand with a small range of the most exquisite bits and pieces for runners made mostly from or with that most desirable of materials, Merino wool.

So as it’s turned decidedly nippy out there lately I grabbed the camera, slid into a pair of their 2-in-1 shorts and headed out into a blustery autumn morning.

Your Ashmei experience starts with the packaging. Your shorts come in a crisp white bag, there as if to yet further enhance the quality if that were possible.  The shorts are a 2-piece item: outer floaty poly shorts, inner fluffy Merino compression liner.  They’re a long-ish, knee-length cut, loose but very flexible and unimaginably light to wear.  There’s a small, zipped rear pocket for a Nano, a few jelly babies or a gel but not a lot more.  A matrix of laser-cut vents lets air circulate.

Ashmei build-quality is in evidence everywhere.  Design, materials, seams and performance leave absolutely nothing wanting.


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