Orangutans and some Government monkey business

OK. Soapbox time.  This week I got a call from http://www.orangutans-sos.org/ who asked me if I’d be willing to help them produce a short video from the amazing stills photos they have from the Sumatran jungle.  How could I say no?  Of course I’d do it for love not money. I do too much of this stuff.  I can’t stop myself.  And I do like orange.

Fact is, Orangutans have a problem. Us.

We’ve decided that Biofuel is a good idea.  All good so far.  We’ve also decided (or at  least the government has) that if power stations burn biofuels then they’ll cut down our greenhouse gas emissions.  Trouble is by incentivising the power industry to burn biofuels with subsidies (paid for by the tax payer) we are driving the creation of palm oil plantations which in turn drives deforestation and that’s destroying the natural habitat of the Sumatran Orangutans.  Worse still, the net effect when you take into account the loss of the forests is actually an increase in greenhouse gasses not a reduction. Vicious cycle.

Your Government has introduced subsidies for the power industry to meet renewable energy targets, called Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) – but these are applied to biofuels which are actually worse for the climate than fossil fuels, such as palm oil, as well as clean, genuinely renewable energy from solar, wind and tidal. There’s no differentiation, which makes no sense.

So that’s why I thought I should help out with a little freeby editing for this charity.

My short film will be launched soon to support the Charity’s campaign to lobby the energy minister John Hayes about this so I’ll update you when it’s done.

So in the meantime visit http://www.stoptherocs.org to support this and then just melt into the eyes of these lovely animals who share 96.4% of our DNA but 0% of our voting rights.


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