Running; The Ultimate Soft-top.

No-one likes a show-off.

cloudsI’ve seen them this weekend; hair flying, Wayfarers on, roof down…  There’s nothing quite as smug as the drivers of convertible sports cars when the sun finally comes out.  Never mind that your Morgan has been under a dust-sheet for nine months, today it’s a must-have asset.  It doesn’t matter what your other car is because today is pay-back time.  Today it’s roof-down, shades-on, look-at-me day.

Jealous?  Oh alright, I’m not just jealous I’m green.  I love a soft-top.  And I miss my old MG.  And no amount of air con and no width of sun-roof will make my stroppy little black Toyota anything more than a mobile microwave when the weather warms up.

So I’m out running this weekend; it’s gloriously (if unusually!) sunny and the soft-tops are out in abundance – each and every self-satisfied driver a little Simon Cowell.  

And then a thought drops into my head and I start to feel a whole lot better.  Running; The Ultimate Soft-top.  We’re the lucky ones!  Runners enjoy roof-down day every day of the year.  We can go on-road or off-road, we’re low maintenance, we’re efficient, gregarious, diverse, tax-free, we have an all-leather interior and can travel for miles on a bowl of muesli and a banana.

So next time you pass a runner, don’t be surprised if they ignore your lovely new cabriolet, they have so much more to be pleased about.


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