6th of Juneathon: Endure24 or Springsteen minus 5

endure finish clip finalIf I’m honest (which of course I am) I have to confess to a challenge in my life between love of Family, Running and Bruce Springsteen who has agreed to come and see me this Saturday (more later) at Wembley.

So it was with these conflicts in my mind that I headed off, alone (except for every Springsteen album since 1970 on my ipod), to Aldermaston to join my team of eight to run the Endure 24 – a non-stop relay trail-running event held at lovely Wasing Park.

It was a hot day for an endurance event and although 15 miles in three loops over 24 hours was a good enough challenge for me, the 140 miles covered by the only pair in our group (they came a well-deserved second) was an unbelievable achievement.  So indeed was the 60 miles covered by a lady in a duck suit (she raised £20k for charity as a result) and the mere 115 miles covered by solo winner Jacek Latala and others too numerous and praiseworthy to mention.

I’m not a regular ultra-runner and am unlikely to become one but these events allow us mortals to share the excitement and planning that ultra events require and they are a whole lot of fun.  I’ve loaded a rough-cut video of the event for entertainment purposes, a more formal and finished version of which will be made available to the organisers in due course when I have chopped and spliced a bit (OK, a lot!) more.


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