7th of Juneathon; A visit from The Boss and a great day for the Lions.

ImageWhat is it about running? You spend ages building up to a big event (Endure24 – 15 miles in 24 hours) and then you spend ages on your backside thinking how well you did meanwhile eating your bodyweight in curries and drinking until your eyes bleed.

So it’s been for me this last two weeks. No running at all. Nada. Not a step. Not so much Juneathon as June-no-thon. But it’s been a fun fortnight and my excuses (aside from a shed-load of work) included a Saturday night to beat all Saturday nights at Wembley stadium seeing Bruce Springsteen. Three hours of music and a seven-song encore brought reviews to die for.  I am & will remain a lifelong fan.

His songs are resonant of multiple life stages from school corridors when Born To Run stuttered from cheap portables, my first actual CD was a Springsteen album (although I still keep the plastic), I saw him live in Milton Keynes in 1993 when he was aged a sprightly 44, The River was the first music to echo around my first flat and Thunder Road still sends a shiver down my spine nearly 30 years later.  That’s a Career.

So today, having recovered from this event and after a boozy breakfast watching the Lions beat Australia by the narrowest of margins (almost as enjoyable as seeing The Boss) I celebrated with a mucky 6-miler around and along The Chess Valley.

The run was as enjoyable as ever and the legs actually felt fresh after the rest and in spite of the alcohol. Maybe I’ll get back on track for the last few days of the month.


One thought on “7th of Juneathon; A visit from The Boss and a great day for the Lions.

  1. i know this is cheesy, but I am the same every time I see Bon Jovi – the opening bars of Livin on a Prayer still makes the hairs on my arms stand up 🙂

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