How graduation can teach you running efficiency

charlie shadowI don’t think many people take their university education that seriously if they’re honest.  The journey is more important than the result.

Although they never said it at the time, my parents would have been justified in feeling pretty miffed at the way I squandered my time through university in the clubs and bars of Swansea. But I got through with a modest Psychology degree, a hang-gliding pilot’s certificate, some excellent friends and despite strenuous efforts to the contrary, a clean bill of health.

This week my eldest son graduated from Notts with a 2:1 in History.  Proud parents attended.  In typically strategic manner, he described his result as “efficient” – this meaning maximum leisure time for the optimum result. Any higher grade would have meant a massive increase in effort but any less drinking-time would’ve been a bore.

It’s a bit like hi-fi; there comes a point when improving the sound by one iota requires a massive uplift in spend. Finding the right level of efficiency is key in many things – running included, but enjoying it along the way is essential.

The Vice-Chancellor dished out 1,000 certificates that morning and another 1,000 that hot afternoon in the sports hall – just one of 6 days of continuous certificate-dishing that Notts Uni alone did last week. And this is happening up and down the country.

Job-market watch out!


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