Janathon the 4th

DCIM101GOPROThere you go – my sins are laid bare.  It’s now the 7th of Jan and I’m still only on Janathon the 4th.  Four outings and two of those were walks.  Tally: about 12m.  Yesterday’s 6m run along the Chess River Valley was quite the wettest and stickiest I’ve been on for ages.  Inov8 Roclites (319s for the running geeks who were wondering which model) were and will continue to be an essential kit component for the Chilterns in any season but particularly so after weeks of wet and Xmas walkers and mountain bikers have thrashed the paths mercilessly.

Fitness levels are good though, what with a massive down-scaling of alcohol consumption. My liver is on sabbatical.

I’ve booked up Endure24 again (where I was *official videographer* last year, if you please!) this time hoping to bring my unfeasibly fit son and re-engage with the hatters that came last year and prior to that the Thunder Runs.  And a walk of the course at Chiltern Warrior where i’ll be filming in March also looks like it will be fun.


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