Janathon the whatth? Where’s he been?

Look, I know, I’ve let the side down.
What’s the point of doing Janathon if you can’t get your lazy erris out of bed to run or exercise. I am that person. Mr no-mojo, non-running bloke, too busy eating and avoiding booze to do his regular running slot.
It started badly and got worse and lately i’ve been almost two weeks without a run and so here I am prostrate before you more adhesive Janothanites to plea for forgiveness.
I did run this week – a four-miler in a mix of sun and rain topping me out at about 24 miles for the month to date . Yeah, yeah, poor; I know, yadda yadda.
yauatchaIn fact I’ve not been ill or injured, I’ve not even been working that hard although I can lay claim to a few other, er, domestic stresses. I did however collect my Xmas present lunch at Yauatcha this week with Mrs G and very yum it was too.
Opened in 2004 and instantly awarded a Miche star it’s definitely a treat for the tastebuds. It’s “modern authentic dim sum” and a good variety of more familiar oriental dishes served with a lot more style and creative culinary flair than you’ll find at your average Peking Palace and priced accordingly.
Given their DimSum expertise the best advice I can give is don’t run, graze on Dim Sum for as long as you can afford. Don’t be distracted by the delicately encrusted duck course or the aromatic and sweetly peppered flaky lamb in black peppercorn sauce. Good though they are, they pale in comparison to the angelic Rice paper prawn and mango roll and the downright cerebral Spicy pork Szechuan wonton which will just blow you away. Even the cucumber nibbles are to die for dipped in a house chili sauce that was crafted by denizens of the underworld so beguiling was it. We over-ordered mains and so skipped pud which would have been one more delight judging by those we saw on the cold display.
Price £120 incl for two with one bottle of wine. Value for money? I guess so for top table and the service is absolutely fine.
Any negatives? I don’t like the chairs; they’re too low and the tables are too small. I felt like I was at Kindy and needed a bib and the atmosphere is more cafe than fine dining if I’m honest.
Look, I do like running but I also really like Hakkasan and I just loved Yauatcha. They’re both fantastic an there’s barely a noodle between them.


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