I say Chiltern, you say Warrior!

I like running and I like running events but why do some running events try to electrocute, drown or otherwise damage their contestants? The rise in popularity of tough-mudder style obstacle events is a visible trend in the running calendar so I couldn’t resist a trip to leafy Chesham last week to film my local Chiltern Warrior.

As obstacle events go Chiltern Warrior, now in its second year, is not hardcore but no less enjoyed by its 300 participants. It’s a family day out more than an SAS assault course. ¬†Organised by the gentle charity that is The Chiltern Open Air Museum this 5k woodland event (two laps for the 10k) throws runners under and over cargo nets, up mud walls and through iron-age ditches.
Iron-age? yes, the museum is a heritage site where historical buildings are re-constructed and protected. Not many running routes take you past an iron-age settlement, a mission church, a working blacksmiths as well as Elton John’s studio (actually this is still a pile of bricks but hopefully not for long).
Good weather is not a pre-requisite for obstacle events but the sun glinted through the clouds to light up an excellently organised day out.


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