Don’t ever stop loving.

I’ve been writing this blog for a few years now and it struck me I haven’t ever written about love, sex or marriage.  Time to set that right.

02-girl_boy_holding_hands_love_romance_girl_boy_couple_hd_wallpaper_picturesI’d make a pretty poor agony aunt but I was inspired this week when Lovefilm sent me “Don’t Look Down”, an Argentinian film by Elisio Subiela.  It’s about Eloy, a sleepwalking, life-size pasty advert with a penchant for stilt-walking and his enamorata Elvira, stage designer, beguiler and tantric sex expert.  I kid you not.

Actually it’s a touching and well-coloured, boy-becomes-man story and entertaining too albeit a bit softcore in an Emanuelle kind of way at times.

The point is, relationships are complicated things.  Long-standing relationships bear scars and short-lived ones can bite deep.  Fundamentals like manners, courtesy, generosity and humour will always have a place but there is no ready formula for success nor is there an easy cure for failure; what might work today may not work tomorrow and vice versa.  This makes short term results unpredictable and long-term planning nigh on impossible.

Meanwhile, life changes us from young to old but not necessarily from foolish to wise. And as our Pasty boy discovers, sometimes all that stands between you and paradise is coincidence as he sleepwalks into his new lover’s bed and discovers the world of pleasures she brings him.

Love is not biology, it’s chemistry and as all chemists know that’s a subject which requires protective goggles and a sturdy white coat.

She leaves him in the end and he mourns her temporarily but, thoroughly qualified, he then gets on with the business of sharing his newly honed skills with a queue of waiting “chicas”.

Director Subiela’s final message is poignant and memorable: “In life you will always be saying goodbye – don’t let that stop you from loving.”.


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