Permaculture; a new word for you.

Periodically I like to rant.  That’s one of the best things about blogging – you can let go a bit if you really want to.  One of my fave rants is about sustainability; how eternal growth is impossible and that nothing lasts for ever.  You can see past rants about this here and here.

Then I get this call from Faheemah Luqman who in the sweetest of Jamaican accents tells me about Permaculture (Permanent Agriculture) and asks me for my advise on how to promote her visitor-friendly and wholly sustainable eco-resort project Blue Paradise farms.  Like.

Here is a woman who has put her life savings behind a project to create a mecca for Permaculture in Westmoreland, Jamaica.  And she’s looking for students to come and learn about how to live and farm sustainably.  She’s devised courses and gathered teachers who are qualified in soil improvement, water management, solar energy and construction all with an eye to a harmonious relationship with nature to make our lives more sustainable and productive whilst reducing the work required.

If, like me, you believe that sooner or later and not by choice but through deliberation we will all have to think this way then check her out at or share this blog with others who might be interested or think they might be able to help.


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