Occasionally I like to re-blog; I think its a nod towards keeping up the blogging community spirit. I really liked this one not just for its craft but for its sentiment too.


Not everyday needs to be a game changer, those defining moments are beautiful because of their unexpected rarity. But, everyday does have to be a positive step forward, or at least that’s my thinking.

As a self-confessed ambition-hungry (some would most likely use impatient, angry and Scottish) woman, I have a tendency for giving myself a hard time over the silliest of things – forgetting to post a letter, call a friend, dropping my weight by 10kg on my back squat because I’m a little tired that day and mentally berating myself for being ‘pathetic’ thereafter… Ridiculous, I know. But honestly, we all give ourselves a pretty hard time and it’s time we started grabbing a mental kit-Kat and taking a break.

I was chatting with a friend a couple of months back who commented on my dedication to my health and fitness and various work commitments; you get so…

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