Hops, barley and just a touch of irony.

One of the nice things about living in a village like Sarratt is that there is a heady mix of people, dogs, horses, cars and pubs.  Some of the folks in Sarratt are descendants of many generations of Sarratt dwellers and others just come here to drink or do business in the “Business Park”.

The Business Park is one of Sarratt’s best-kept secrets, half way down Church Lane midway between the Cricketers and the Cock pubs, it’s more of a farmyard with a stables than Stockley Park East.

The horses look out over a row of units that contain a cleaning firm, a Ferrari garage…and a Brewery.  Micro-breweries like Paradigm are on the up and Neil Hodges and Rob Atkinson have sunk their savings into this project.  It’s a neat little factory using equipment bought from another brewery which was closing down.  Their “WinWin” and “Low Hanging Fruit” Ales are a homage to the corporate lives they left behind.

Although the temperatures, recipes and cleanliness have to be absolutely spot-on to get a consistent result, brewing ale is just cookery so you can make as much or as little as you want, using new recipes as seasons or markets demand.

I loved making this little film not least because it is the first time I have ever, (or am likely to ever again) taste beer directly from a brewing vat called Perky.  It was bloody fantastic.


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