Why politics should never be a reality show.

Well knock me down and call me Susan; I’ve just heard a sensible thing from a politician.


Yesterday, Radio 4’s Nick Robinson couldn’t resist probing Ed Balls on his efforts to conflate being both a credible politician and a Strictly Come Dancing contestant at the same time. And his reaction shed an excellent light on Mr Trump’s appointment to the world’s most powerful role in politics.

Trump came from Reality TV to Politics and Politician Ed Balls will descend on a rope to dance the Jive on Strictly this Saturday – Nick called this a “reverse Trump”.

Ed’s reply (which I paraphrase) was brilliant: Look, Reality TV is about entertainment, risk and shock.  Granted, Government can sometimes be risky and some may find it entertaining at times but there is no room for shock in politics.  If you allow shock to become your default political style then you become a reality TV president  – a very dangerous thing for America and the world.

(Hear the whole interview at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b082j0n9 go to 1h 56m in.)


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