About the author

I am a passionate photographer/videographer from Hertfordshire UK. I like to shoot people, places, products and events for both corporate and personal clients amplifying these messages across social media channels.  My short films and images often form the basis of my blogs.  If you’re a camera geek like me you may be interested to know I  use a Sony Alpha 7Sii and an Riii.

I spent half of my career in the creative industries and the other half in IT enjoying the craziness of the .com boom at Intershop UK.  I took up running in 2008 when I set up TheRunningBug.com, a social network for runners. I sold out in 2011 and still run a bit. I did the London Marathon in 2010 and a double marathon 2-day ultra in 2011.   This blog is not topic specific; it’s a cocktail of humour, travel, reviews and amateur philosophy, peppered with profanity and random ideas.

Frequency has always been sporadic and is likely to remain so.

My video website: www.socialvideouk.com

Email: thebriars@hotmail.com

Skype: kapowee

Instagram: www.instagram.com/leofwyne/

Twitter: @johngriffith


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